AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 1

Date: 12th November 2010.

This is me at the airport waiting for take off. I had wanted to take Friday off so I could go to and see AKB girls but because I had only recently started work, I was unable to get a full day off and instead opt for a half day instead.

Though for this trip I wasn’t alone, I would be meeting CrossChannel from Penang down at Singapore later that night.

Flight was rather boring and tiring, I shouldn’t have opted for the 6pm flight. Next year I plan to take Friday and Monday off.

Arriving at Changi Airport


I hate long lines....

After immigration, I then took a taxi to the hotel and just wanted to check and head off to sleep. I was real tired, earlier in the day I had a lot of work to do. I had hope the hotel would be a nice place like the ones shown in the such luck as you'll see......

This room was real small.....I! I figure a twin would would at least be bigger but it seems I was wrong...

The toilet was even smaller! This would probably be the last time I stayed there. Note to self, find a better hotel next year....

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