Girls with cameras: A pictorial book.

Japanese books, even if you cannot read a single word in them, the ideas they present can still be very interesting.

Like this new book today, which is apparently a book reviewing the latest cameras as of 2010 but instead of using photos of real models holding cameras like other magazine, Japan has decided to use the power of moe or anime to promote the cameras.

Which is rather shameless when you think about it but speaking from a business point of view its rather ingenius. Take one part nerd camera, one part moe, with a dash of basic tutorial and you have a book that could sell considerably well in Japan.

They even have centerfolds here XD

As I mentioned its basically a review magazine or book about today's latest camera and not just DSLR, prosumers and point and shoot models are included as well. Though unless you can read these reviews, just enjoy the artwork.

Here we have canon, delighting you always XD with some serious "assets" on that girl

They even have a section dedicated to teaching the basics of photography regardless of your camera choice, which is good and all.

Here we have the section teaching about aperture size and how it determines depth of field

Another note, for those who are familiar with pixiv, try to guess who are the artist before you look at the name.

2 thoughts on “Girls with cameras: A pictorial book.

    • Possibly but there is no way to tell since I feel that each of the drawings in terms of artwork doesn’t feel any greater than the other.

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