Happy Halloween 2010!!

Its that time of the year where the ghouls and fiends come out to play.

Where witches chant and brew with whatever they find and need.

blah blah blah. Never was good at making poems.

Yes! Today is Halloween! So what do I have planned for tonight? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Okay, I’m lying I do have something planned but its a secret! Its called “Planning for the zombie¬†Apocalypse!”.

But then that won’t stop other people from enjoying their night out on the town now will it?

Hope you guys have something planned for tonight! Tragically, we don’t have trick or treating here in Malaysia as childrens tend to get snatch off the street very easily these day and are never seen again especially when they are alone at night! (Well actually it also happens in broad daylight but then you get the idea.).

Anyway I’ll leave you with this shot of Loli fate in her cute witch outfit~~ along with Bardiche!

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