Bored at work.

I know I only started working at my new job but already they have nothing for me to work on. I mean I managed to complete my previous program in time for testing and all but already after that they seem to have nothing else to give me except more boring reading.

“Here read up on something regarding memory debuggers”. They tell me.

“Valgrind.” Was my reply, best memory debugger I’ve seen so far and its Open Source. “If you don’t like that, then use mpatrol but be warned it requires we insert special codes throughout the program while Valgrind doesn’t and works with debugger information instead.”

and what was their reply? “Research memory debugger nonetheless….”

Aside from that they also want me to look at some codes regarding IPC made by their China branch. Which sadly has no documentation nor comments and the function names are no better. What’s worse I only have the header files and compiled library, in short I’m flying blind here………. >_<

I’m so bored… actual coding work to do……only reading source codes……..

2 thoughts on “Bored at work.

  1. When I’m bored at work, I try to do something productive that would help the company. That way at least there’s something to do, your boss would have a better view of you, and if you actually make the company more money, maybe your boss’s boss would take notice 🙂

    • in the USA but this is Asia…..he sees you doing something not assigned by him, and he’ll have a very dimmed view of you…..

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