Matsuhara Hidenori Illustration Works

Ever bought a book solely on the cover artwork? Sometimes the title sells it but most of the time its due to the artwork. (So why do Danielle steel novels sell so well every time a new title comes out?).

Selling on title and synopsis is always the best idea for written novels but when it comes with artbooks, cover artwork always sells!

Such as this one I picked up at at Kinokuniya KLCC which was going with 20% discount with another item.

What makes this artbook so special it attracted my attention was that most of the artwork in it was done using color pencils (the same ones you used when you were kids).  His coloring and stencil work from what I gathered is brilliant!

Searching online about the character designer I found that he has worked on a number of great titles, notably Sakura Taisen, Evangelion and Ah my Godess!

2 thoughts on “Matsuhara Hidenori Illustration Works

  1. I can’t believe some of those were done with colouring pencils, they look so detailed. Whenever I used colouring pencils, everything always got smudged.

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