Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Collection “Carmine”

Now this one is currently selling at Kinokuniya with a 20% discount with another item of any price. So I just couldn’t resist buying this!

Though whether or not you should buy this is matter of opinion, first of all this is an artbook consisting of most of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto‘s anime artwork whether its was artwork mean for the actual anime or promotional poster. If it was done by him, its probably in here.

For those who don’t already know, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is one of the biggest artist who has ever worked in the anime industry. Animes he has worked consist of NadiaFLCL.hack//SignDiebusterThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Summer Wars.

So this is a good artbook to pick up if you only recently become a fan of his artwork, sadly for those who already have been big fans of his work, getting this book may not be such a hot idea as you might already have the same artwork from his previous artbooks such as Der mond.

In which case, there is nothing new in this book you haven’t already seen in his previous released work. Well maybe just one shot but its not something worth buying the book for unless you are a crazed Evangelion fan (Its a shot of Asuka and Rei dressed up as ballerinas.)

Think of it as the best collection of his previous work. Though I was misled a bit by the shot at the back of the book where it showed Mari and figured there were some new artwork I’ve never seen before since Mari is relatively a new character in the eva universe but sadly that’s all there is of her, on the back of the book…. So don’t be misled like me.

Anyway, if you ever wanted own one book of his artwork, it would be this one. If you already own a number of his previous artbooks, I say skip this one. There is nothing new here. Wait for the next one which I hope will have new art work by him.


The only artwork of Mari is on the back of the book and on the first page......

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