“How to pose guide” from Kinokuniya (Mandarin)

I know its rather odd but it does happen. I do occasionally find myself in the mandarin section at Kinokuniya Malaysia and they have some really great photobooks and the best part though is that I have never seen mandarin books censored before (or at least I haven’t had the luck of coming across one).

So I picked up this little gem last weekend and its a rather good guide on how to pose your models during photoshoot.

Its explains some of the most common poses and why do they work so well with viewers and how some ideas only work well with certain situations only.

It certainly a good primer for people who are into model shooting and find that the usual english version too full of artsy farty talk to make any sense especially for Chinese readers. But that sadly restrict the number of people who might benefit greatly from this book to only Chinese readers.

Still just looking at the pages inside gives the gist of the pose and why it works. Enjoy

4 thoughts on ““How to pose guide” from Kinokuniya (Mandarin)

  1. I should pick up one of these books if I ever get into photography. I’ve been wanting to for a few years now, but I’ve never gotten around to getting a decent camera or taking any lessons.

    • Well if you want to get in on it now, you’re spoiled for choice and what makes it better is that they are not expensive.

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