“Cica loves you” from Kinokuniya

You know what I love about going to Kinokuniya? Even though its about an hour’s drive from where I live?

Getting some great books but you know what is even better? Getting great books that haven’t been censored by the black marker pen of doom!

Which surprisingly was the case with this photobook of Cica here (whom I thought initially was a Japanese model til I came across a link about that states she’s actually an up and coming model star from China!) You can find more info about her here.

I was rather surprised to even find her photobook at Kino considering the recent heavy crack down by censor at Kino Malaysia (more info about that here) and the fact it hadn’t been censored (yet). I immediately bought it up without delay (it was the only copy though).

But after looking through photobook I don’t see any reason why would any of the content should be censored at all as there aren’t any frontal nudity, though there are implied nudity but that is purely for artistic sake. (Then again I also don’t see why they should have even censored the photos of toy figures in bikini mentioned in that figure.fm post!). I guess it’s all relative depending on who’s standard says its obscene, I’m inclined to think that this one got away because no one had gotten around to censoring it yet. I do hope I’m wrong and that instead the censorship people actually have some common sense (but then I have little to no faith in Malaysia.)

Anyway, I’ll stop talking here and let your eyes be the judge.

Here is a trick, if you really want to get a book and have a higher chance of  not meeting the black marker pen of doom, I’ve always find that directly order the book from Kino helps a lot! Use the ISBN.  In this case its 978-4-08-780581-9

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