Figure Review: Asuka 1/6 Test plugsuit by Kotobikuya PVC

While the box looked okay and undamaged but....

I finally have one of the new Asuka figure released this year in conjunction with the release of the the second movie. This one was made by Kotobukiya~! I’m rather a big fan of their PVC figures.

It had actually arrived a week earlier but I’m always at work during the day so Saturday was the only time they could send it. I could have picked it up myself after work but because the office where they are located is near SEGI university I opt not to as traffic there is always congested regardless of the time and weather.

Now the package looked alright externally and the fact I sent via Fedex but this is Malaysia we’re talking about here and it just wouldn’t be Malaysia if the content didn’t get messed up a little.

Like how the Malaysian government treat their citizens…..XD

But I digress, I’ll save the political jokes and insults for another article…

As you can see the box does seem to have been dented but otherwise the figure it safe and sound. A lot people seem to complain when the box gets damaged saying it lowers the re-sell value, if you were planning to resale it in the first place, why did you even buy it? You're not an art collector! Also better the box than the figure.

I have to admit, this quite nice! a nice glossy finish. Though you need to be careful when removing the plastic cover that is wedged between her left shoulder and her face. Instead of pulling it from behind, try pulling it from the front. This is because so the plastic sheet used won't be caught by her hair.

I also took this opportunity to try out a new light tent and so far it hasn't disappointed me yet~

I'm not complaining about the figure but I find that the look on her face looks rather....plain. I mean if this was Rei, yeah it would be great but Asuka? Its lack the Asuke feel.......Maybe if she was pouting or at least holding something in her mouth, maybe the other hair clip?

Other then that, the figure it definitely worth the money I paid for it!

2 thoughts on “Figure Review: Asuka 1/6 Test plugsuit by Kotobikuya PVC

  1. I didn’t know boxes could get dented like that within another box. I would’ve expected the corners to be smashed in instead.

    The gloss on her plug suit looks nice, it makes it seem like the suit is made out of a leathery plastic material. I don’t think her face looks that bad, but it would feel more like Asuka if it wasn’t so expressionless.

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