Mind your weight!

Some of you might remember my article or take on the Desert Island Scenario where I mentioned you should absolutely either keep camera gear to the lightest or none at all but instead focus on survival equipment.

Well here is a short story of Ed Stafford on CNN who is concluding a 2 year trek through the amazon with his friend Gadiel “Cho” Sanchez Rivera.  You can find the article here.

As I also mentioned previously, the reason why you must keep weight to a minimum because the more gear or stuff you carry, the shorter the distance you travel per day. And you cannot be stingy on survival gear which will be heavy! As exemplify by this paragraph on the CNN article.

“Cho and I take turns up front with the machete. We walk 50 minutes of every hour and rest 10 minutes, so we do 25-minute shifts. It’s enough when you have to carry a 35 to 45 kg pack (the weight depends on the quantity of food and duration of the leg.) “, Ed Stafford.

The paragraph below further proves my point that even if you are in tip-top physical condition (which most photographers I’ve met these days are NOT!), you will be dead exhausted by the end of the day…….

“When we break for a rest and slump onto our packs we stare at the floor and try and regain the composure to speak to each other. Sometimes this never comes and we don’t speak all day. Nothing sinister — it’s just complete exhaustion. We don’t lunch; we just keep grazing on farinha and salt.”, Ed Stafford.

See? This gear masturbation is bullshit. That’s why I hate all this talk about desert island or “Lost” scenario. You will not and cannot go nuts on the camera gear when you have more important things to prepare when going on a hiking trip whether its for a few days to a few months or like these 2 guys, a few years!

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