Bon odori Penang 2010

Bon Odori Penang 2010

I know its a bit late since everyone else has already upload theirs since last week but I have a legitimate excuse! I’m Lazy!

So how was this year’s bon odori? Well for the first time it wasn’t hot! That’s because it rained heavily during the 1st hour, drastically cooling down the hot air. The bad thing though it that it made all the area around the stage muddy!

Thanks to Chewing Gum for driving us in his new Honda City!!! DAMN THAT’S ONE SWEET RIDE!

Also thanks again for lending us the OP passes! I didn’t even expected them ! Honest! XD (They were limited to 5 people only so Rojak Studio sent in their best event photographers. Note, these are the same people who shoot weddings for a living!)

I have to admit this year’s event was pretty good. Lots of fun,games and thanks to a special sale of Yukatas at Queensbay mall, almost everyone was wearing one this year.

Like every year, we have to really wrestle with white balance due to the every changing stage light colors. X_X it literally drives us bonkers

Like I said, stage lights, drives us nuts.

Also it should be noted that I shot using my 85mm f/1.8 instead of my 70-300mm. Forget about a variable aperture lens, even with D700 amazing low light performance, the 70-300mm was just not good enough for this. Hence a true blue f/2.8 70-200 truly stands out here as evident of the shots I managed to take with my old sigma 70-200mm last year.

I love how some children would actually pose for photos. Makes it real fun to work with sometimes.

You know, I've never liked how some photographers would love to use flash especially at such events. They shouldn't relay on it too much, sometimes one should just go with the flow!

this shot is rather creepy, what do you suppose he's thinking of at that moment??

Well that's all for this year's bon odori! There were fireworks at the end but I decided to sit and actually enjoy it! XD

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