Miara Patthavorarong.

One sultry babe~~~~

No….I didn’t misspell that. That really is her name! Also known as Inkky as she wants to be called. This is the final series of the Bangkok Model shoot from March 2010.

Inkky quite an amazing model to work with while she’s not as daring as Benjie but she does know what you really need rather than what you really want~~.

For this shoot like Benjie’s it was totally shot using the Nikkor 85mm F/1.8 AF-D. Though I don’t know how the f/1.4 would have performed in this situation either……

Anyway, moving on. Enjoy the pics~~

This was actually an overexposed shot and usually I would relegated it into the reject bin. But I decided to see if I could use the overexpose problem to my advantage by doing a high-toned photo. I like how it turned out. Luckily the details on the face weren't lost during exposure.

But a last! My skills are very limited when it comes to B&W so the remaining photos are color from here on....

Here once again we have the mesmerizing eyes of Miara~~

There was actually a shot here she was looking directly at the camera with an amazing piercing glare~~~! But I didn't notice the photo was out of focus till I had a closer look in lightroom! It was would have been VERY GOOD! Oh well, one must learn and go on......pity though....

Great Idea by putting a remote flash behind her in the hall way! I think it was either TY or T2's idea.

Though I think its high time I upgrade my posing ideas or list. Lately it seems every model shoot I'm involved are more or less the same, never use the same list of poses for too long. Your photos will get VERY boring after a while......

That’s all for today, enjoy~~~

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