Things I hate to hear…..

Sometimes I wish I can just punch their lights out!!

There are many things I hate to hear in my life. They are

1. “You’re good but I think I am way better because I think so.”
2. “No” (while shaking head).
3. “But ancient tradition dictates….(blah blah blah).” (old people ranting of ancient shit with no reason like why use leeches to cure anemia or something baseless.)

I could go on with a 100 more items but today I’ll add another item to my long list of things I hate….

Right now I am sitting at Starbucks using their free wifi to upload some model photos and sitting next table are 2 fats bitches (I admit I’m also fat at 88kgs but these women are twice what I am, 166kg give or take. Every breath they’re take sounds laborious!). Both of them talk in the same weird dialect where they pronounce ‘R’ as ‘W’ (for example, Weally instead of Really).

You're not CUTE! EAT THIS!

Its the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard and their topic is no better. In fact its worse!!! They keep talking how cool their Windows netbooks are, how light it is and how cute is it. They keep talking how it is so much lighter that they don’t get tired after a while carrying it. I have a solution on how you can walk so much more further and it will cost nothing! EXERCISE YOU FAT BITCH!

Put down that chocolate covered donut and get a treadmill! Lose that tire rim around your stomach and hire a speech therapist to correct both of your stupid pronunciation problem! Its pronouced “interesting!!” NOT “intewesting”. You’re not cute and you’re not tweety bird!!!! Keep talking and I swear  I will punch you so hard that I’ll knock you into the next multiverse ala Gurren Lagann style!!!

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