Super GT 2010 At Sepang Malaysia Day 1

"Red Ribbon" this photos was literally asking to black and white but I left the ribbon in color for the emphasis on it.

Finally managed to upload Saturday’s photos. Although this year’s Super GT Japanese Racequeen line up were not as impressive as previous years but there were notable ones and even the local ones were pretty impressive.

So please enjoy!

This year's Toyota local line up is pretty good...

Though Denso weren't pulling their punches as well when it came to selecting their booth babes either...

"The girl next door" from Volkswagon. Had to work on the WB there for a while. Wanted to give it the Provia 400X feel or at least the film-effect when it came to the colors....

Here we have Megumi, wanted to get a shot of her with Nitta but apparently she wasn't feeling well due to the heat so we're only left one for that day.

The line up at Yokohama was not bad either....

Alright enough booths! Let's get to the pitwalk! Today's pitwalk was at Tunnel 2 which was further and hotter and temperature was at 39 degrees celsius! What made it worse though is that we had to run further than usual. Anyway here we have Risa Kobayashi

Natsumi Senaga

Arisa Nikura

Mai Onozeki

Mina Momohara


I had wanted to do a full bodied shots but unfortunately there were too many people and I only had a zoom lens this year. So most of the shots are just waist up or shoulder up. Here we have Tomoko Okada

Here have Yuuna AKA Asuka of the Eva girls.

and here we have Mizutani Noa AKA Rei of the Eva girls. XD man those 2 really drew a crowd XD

Yuka Tachibana

Here we have Rina Ito, the super Bombshell!

Here we have Yoshiko Araki

Here is a close up of Mizutani Noa.


One of the few full body shots I could get due to the heavy crowd

More photos later~~~~. Also note this is the first time I am using my 70-300mm VRI AF-S Nikkor since I bought it to replace my 70-200mm f/2.8. This lens is fantastic~~ Light, small and longer!

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