Super GT roadshow at Autocity 2010

Kero kero!!! I'm backk!!!

Right, I finally managed to get all my photos uploaded. So please enjoy them! I’ll see you all this weekend at Sepang! The last Super GT in Malaysia!

Here they are, the lovely ladies of Super GT Nitta and Megumi~~

Our jobs as Official photographers that weekend was to follow the girls and take photos...lots and lots of photos......

Lots and lots of photos. Total number of shots.......1100++ which amounts to 4.9 gigabytes....

Although the Super GT girls were hot, but the local ones weren't bad either.......

Anyway, back to the GT girls. Where ever they go, we go. With the exception of toilet of course XD. The worse part about following them was trying to keep ahead of them and everyone else following them. Even though I was OP, a lot of people still got in my way and sadly I had to use one of my privileges, namely "SECURITY!" XD

Here we have the girls resting after doing their first round at Autocity. Which also gives Fumi, g3k and I a chance to catch our breaths as well. Its amazing how far the GWC there would go, they were literally camping outside the cafe for when the girls would come out........@_@

while we rested, fumi managed to score and autograph from Nitta. Damn Fumi!!

Also, pushing ISO 64,000 was barely enough to get a sharp photo in that dark cafe....

One benefit of having OP passes is that it allowed me to get back stage to get shots like these

I loved how this shot turned out as they walked onto the stage with smoke and etc

Here we have the girls at Sakae Sushi having dinner. f/2.8 and ISO 64000 was barely enough here....I really had to push my handhold skills to the limit. I was tempted to push it to 128000 but I know the shots I took would have the dreaded "red pixel" problems.....where the shots would have red pixels peppered throughout it.

One bad point with pushing the ISO this high, wacky WB. Though this problem can be handled in post but I would rather prefer if I got it right out of the camera.....

Speaking of wacky, here are the girls and their entourage having some fun.

There were a lot more shots but nothing worth posting here. So once again, I’ll see you all at sepang this weekend!!!

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