I’ll be in Penang this weekend for the Super GT roadshow.

I know this is rather sudden but I’ll be heading up to Penang this weekend for the Super GT roadshow at autocity.

Initial reports indicated that Autobacs would not be sending anyone (Super GT ambassadors) up to Penang this year so I had decided not to go up this year BUT! (There is always a but!) I got word that they would indeed sent up there so I’m heading up tomorrow and hopefully get some good shots.

I could have just go and see them at Lowyat this Sunday as well but the crowd would be 20 times the size than what I would encounter at Autocity hence why it would be a lot easier to go there instead.

(Stop staring at Fate on the left!!!! XD)

So I’ll be out of contact this weekend though I do hope to return with some awesome shots.

In case you’re wondering, this year’s super GT ambassadors to Malaysia are Megumi Hattori & Kozue Nitta.

You can find out more about them here.

For a more thorough Q & A session, go here

I’ll see you guys there!

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