How to avoid working from home.

Look, not even Rei works from home and we know how much of a brown nose she is at Nerv! XD

I remember my first job, they gave me a nice IBM thinkpad T41 to use. I initially thought this was a wonderful perk but then I realized it came with a serious price tag.

I was made to work from home on weekends by the boss and even on sick days. It was their way of making employees even work on their days off. You expected to contribute to their productivity even on you weren’t working while they enjoyed their weekend.

Seeing that it was my first job (legally, I did some contract work for government projects when I was younger. Hey, this is Malaysia, what did you expect?), I gladly did it since my social life was next to zero. But it seemed managers love to make you work as they sipped their martinis on vacation.

It got so bad that they literally had me working 24 hours checking in on me every hour to make sure I was working via internet messaging while they did nothing but micromanaged. It made me sick but I had no excuse for not working on weekends. I even declined to work on weekends when I was asked to but my manager “threaten” me with bad performance reviews.

This really depressed me, fortunately I met up with another friend who told me that he was also worked to death at the company and told me that I should change job and this time refused a notebook else the same thing would happen again. It was really hard though leaving this first job due to its prestige (I can’t mention the name but I’ll give you a hint, its a famous semi-conductor company in Penang. The biggest one!) but they literally didn’t treat us like humans.

Anyway, I finally resigned and started another job working else where. Though that wasn’t the end of my problems, at my new job, they forcibly gave me a notebook and in their contract stated that I had to be able to work at home regardless of the condition and time (sick, dying, fire, earthquake and even flood. Unless! read more about it below!). Else I would faced disciplinary measures. It would have been just like my first job but I couldn’t back out since I already signed the offer letter and this “fine print” was listed in there, buried deeper than a BP oilleak at sea  (Oh snap! XD).

For a while I put up with it till I realized I technically didn’t need to bring home my notebook since it was my only computer at work. So instead I left it chained there at the office  it was totally all right. Management couldn’t make us bring it home else it would be in violation of our rights. Surprisingly we had rights @_@…….except when we brought home the notebook.

From then on management couldn’t get me to work on weekends or after working hours since . It was great for a while till the R&D department was dissolved to cut cost (while I was on vacation in Japan) due to poor performance by marketing (crazy huh?). Another point I neglect to mention was that management wanted me to bring the notebook  so I could work on my vacation but then I noted I couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t get stolen since I told them I was going to China for my vacation (Lied).

With me jobless, I decided to try my luck in KL and managed to find a job. The company isn’t as big as my last 2 jobs but the working condition is fantastic, you are not expected to work on weekends if you’re not okay with it and they pay OT too! Unlike the last 2 shit jobs! I had worked enough OT at my first job that I should have been paid double every month!

So in conclusion, if you don’t want to work on weekends or after working hours:

  1. Try to finish everything up (not likely possible if you’re working in Penang or under a China men boss)
  2. Don’t work for companies that treat their employees like cattle! (Not worth the pay!)
  3. Turn down the notebook option, its really NOT worth it! (if possible try to act like a total luddite with notebooks!)
  4. But if they force you too, say your place doesn’t have Internet access (that should put them off most of the time) since you don’t need it.
    Companies may sometimes sponsor you an Internet subscription, if so try to get one of the pay as you use and RACK UP the bandwidth! Hey, if you’re really going to work from home, might as well do some major surfing at top speed while you’re at it, make them regret it!
    Just make up some bullshit about needed to transfer huge files hence they high speed requirement. Most management don’t know shit what you’re talking about, to them the Internet is just a big mess of pipes connected to one another as described by Al Gore! (Oh snap!)
  5. But generally, working on weekend is not really needed. I’ve noticed that a lot of projects or work can still be finished on time except for extreme cases (most China men bosses just want you to finish early so it would look good on their productivity report) which I’m fine with as long as there OT pay.
    In short, only work on weekends or after hours if there is OT pay. Say NO otherwise! Though its okay if the work is minor say like reply to an email but if it involves needing lots of coffee to think through then you know what to say,OT pay or NO.

Right, ranting over back to work! Don’t want to work end up working on weekends or after hours :P!!

3 thoughts on “How to avoid working from home.

  1. Try reading about the situation at Foxconn. We should feel thankful that we’re not to the state where we are better off dying.

    • I did, which is why I’m worried about the current trend of work place condition in Malaysia. Its starting to steadily approach the same barrel of shit that Foxconn is…

  2. I’m glad that there’s a law here limiting the number of hours an employer can force an employee to work. If an employee works longer, they have to be paid at least 1.5 times more.

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