Super GT 2010 at Sepang Day 2

Here's part 2!!! Shot of the pitwalk around Yuuna and Noa!

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Super GT 2010 At Sepang Malaysia Day 1

"Red Ribbon" this photos was literally asking to black and white but I left the ribbon in color for the emphasis on it.

Finally managed to upload Saturday’s photos. Although this year’s Super GT Japanese Racequeen line up were not as impressive as previous years but there were notable ones and even the local ones were pretty impressive.

So please enjoy!

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Super GT 2010 at Sepang!

By the time you read this, I would be with my homies at Sepang getting reading for Super GT 2010!

So communication will be limited to cellphones only. I’ll be back on Sunday

While I’ll see the rest of you guys later in the pitwalk~~~~!

Keep those batteries ready and the sunblock plenty!