April loot report.

The 3 new figures with Rin presenting...

A bit late I know since it’s may but I’ve been busy so here they are! I did managed to score some good deals this time!

The minute I saw this one at Xl-shop I immediately bought it without question. I actually prefer this version over Nanoha since Fate looks adorable with pink hairclip~~~~~ ^_^

Next we have Mari in her prototype plugsuit outfit from Evangelion 2.0: You will not Advance movie!! Though truth be told I rather prefer the pink version plugsuit but since this was a gift from my Brother and his wife after they came back from Japan, I ain't complaining....^_^~~

and finally we have Minami Chiaki Nendoroid! I've been looking for this one a long time!! But it sold out within minutes on going on pre-order and XL-shop didn't bring enough units. This one has a slight damage at the back of the box hence why no one took this copy ! Lucky fo me! Xl-shop was even kind enough to give me a discount on it since no one would buy it at full priced in its condition! A steal if I may add!! Now Rin has a another Nendoroid friend to play with (Though Oreo looks a bit worried about Job security) hahahaah

Bonus pic:

Here they are getting acquainted

2 thoughts on “April loot report.

  1. I have the Chiaki nendoroid too, she’s cool. Unfortunately for me, one of the straps on her backpack was already bent when I opened the box 😦

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