Benjawan Iamwilaikul

No, I did not misspell that. That really is her name. She’s Thai okay? Finally managed to get some work done on her set. Though its not completed yet and I really don’t know when it’ll be completed. So many ideas I could use and yet so little obvious choice to go about processing her set.

This always seems to happen to me when I do model shoots where no prior expectations were set and as a result, the finished work always feels rather sub-par or overdone like steak.

This as always greatly disappoints me and why I don’t do many model shoot often.

Though that may be the case but Benjie as she likes to be called was fantastic to work with, I would describe her as someone with a vibrant and absolutely fun personality. She knows all her good sides and how to really present herself to the camera.

I definitely would look her up again for my next trip into Bangkok.

That is if I find another reason to go there beside BIM but then the world is full of chances.

You may be wondering, how did we communicate with her? Luckily we managed to procure the services of a interpreter who happens to be a friend of ours in Bangkok. Its always good to have many friends in many places…….:D

Anyway, enjoy the photos……….-_-;;

All of these were shot using my D700. I’m starting to really enjoy this body, at first I was skeptical about the DR on it but after this, I realized that it has as much range as my S5 pro though I still need to wrestle a bit with the White balance. But I hope to overcome that matter with further use of it.

2 thoughts on “Benjawan Iamwilaikul

  1. เบญพี่จีโอ้เองตามหาเบญมาตลอด คิดถึงมากนะติดต่อกลับด่วนเลยนะ

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