This is not how I had planned to spend my weekend……

Being sick......nyorooooooooo

I didn’t planned to get sick last weekend. In fact no one planet Earth should get sick on Weekend but of all the bloody days I had to get sick!

I had such a nice lovely weekend planned out as well, I would have spent Saturday at Starbucks enjoying a latte while working on my photos from Bangkok (Yes there’s still a big  backlog work I have yet to complete) while being a pretentious prick with smug look on his face using his macbook!

But oh no!! I had to get sick of all days!!!

I also made plans on Sunday to have one of my annual walkabout with my F6 and a whole load of 35mm film gauge my current gear lineup.

But here I am with the snuffles, coughs and other symptoms where my body is expelling huge amounts of this disease! Just my bloody luck I guess!

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to work on the computer even if I'm sick while coughing, sneezing, and other sickly symptoms....

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to work on my photos, at least managed to get some work done. Albeit not in the fashion I had hope.

Though it seems I would have to take Monday off since I was hit hard by this flu/cold/fever/whatever you call it.

Someone once told me that the longer you’ve since you fell sick last, the harder it hits come next time or something to that effect.

So what have I been doing all this time? Sleeping in my room as I drift in between bouts of drowsiness caused by the cough syrup. Any portion of it not spent feeling like an episode of Serial Experiment Lain, I spend it working on my photos while listening to my Ipod.

Okay if I can’t be a pretentious prick working on my macbook at Starbucks on a weekend, at least I can be a pretentious prick working on my macbook in my room sick on the weekend. This sucks!!!!

3 thoughts on “This is not how I had planned to spend my weekend……

  1. I have to agree, a lot of Macbook users do seem like pretentious pricks, but I hope you get better soon. I’m looking forward to those pics from Bangkok ^.^

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