This is a job requirement?

Yup, its great to be us.

Yesterday came across an interesting classified posted by a software company in Penang (I will not name the  company from fear of getting sued by said company for defamation, its real common for victims to be sued by criminals in this country).

They were looking for an IT developer, listed were the usual expected requirements such as “must be fluent in Cantonese and Hokkian” and etc but you know what really caught me by surprise?

“Must be married man or soon to be married man”

Only in Malaysia could you find such a discriminating job listing 😀 . In any other country, women rights group would have been up in arms by now. This is definitely a company run by some old Chinese guy, its always the case since they believe men with family are more inclined to being exploited since they need to support their family. Where single guys would never take shit from any company and would only work for the highest bidder!  That’s why big companies seem to get all the best talent in the industry.

Seriously, aren’t single guys the best developers? I mean think about it, the IT industry were all started by single people. The best were all single! This industry was literally built from ground up by single guys. Until of course they got rich and married their girlfriends. 😀 Just read any of the information about the history of silicon valley or something about that era when IBM started to make PCs or during the browser wars! Here are a couple of reference you can pick up on Amazon or your public library

  1. Fire in the Valley
  2. iWoz
  3. Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire
  4. Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can’t Get a Date

Notice the winner was either someone working out of their garage or a small company but one thing seemed consistent, they were bloody single!

But I digress, this is what I don’t understand about “China man companies” (a term we use to describes companies owned or run by Chinese). I’m Chinese and I don’t understand this inherent fear of Chinese bosses discriminatory view of single guys. Probably has to do with some family value shit or something.

Also for those wanting to defend this company, save your breath. They obviously don’t value anything other then profits and productivity. Notice that the requirements states only “man”? Wanna take a guess why it didn’t say “Must be married” instead? Well Malaysian companies have a fear of hiring women, especially married women as they have the option of maternity leave. That shit scares Chinese Malaysia since it would result in “cost” with no productive returns.

And people in Malaysia can’t understand why there is a serious brain drain problem? Who would want to work in such a place where racism or discrimination are practically legal under it’s constitution? Or when the culture here is totally prehistoric? My advice is to stay the hell away from such job, no doubt the office politics would be absolutely abysmals!

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