Who is the Photographer?

Who is the Photographer?

Is it a person with purpose?
What is this purpose? To capture a moment for all eternity to whom might still care to know or learn?
Or is it for money or that of duty?
To which either answer might be sad or true.

Is it a person with a passion?
To bring forth a story that inspires or betrays the heart of the viewers?
Perhaps to bring closure to something that was once started but never finished.
But in the end, the reason is still for passion.

Is it a person with lust?
A person who concedes to the temptation of the flesh or tries to with only their eyes?
Call this person weak and evil if you will for they only admitted their weakness
That they are humans after all like you and I.

Is it a person withOUT desire?
Simply following those around themselves
Desiring that which is only desire by others but not themselves for the mere fact of wanting.
Their desire lacks passion and hence goes no further when they encounter a hurdle.
Like a flock of dimmed witted sheep.

Honestly enough with this weird stuff, my head is hurting! So who is the photographer? Well it can be anyone, everyone can be the photographer, the question though is which one are they? Do they do it for purpose, passion, lust or are just following the crowd or fad?

If you can answer that then answer the next great question. What do you call a photographer that Love fujifilm cameras, uses Nikon, but wears the attire for Sony?

Answer: ME

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