Fujifilm Trebi 100c

Fujifilm Trebi 100c. Available only in Japan.

This film can only be found in Japan though you can order through a few online stores such as Japan Exposure . I’m a sucker for unknown color positive films, pity though I couldn’t find any Fortia SP.

Brief Description:
From what I gather this film is actually considered the Fisher Price of color reversal films. If you plan on chosing color reversal film instead of color negative films as your first type then this is the film you should get first.

Its surprisingly very easy to control and incredibly very sharp even after scanning from the film directly.

As you can see from the image below, shots are crisp and sharp. Colors are also very well balance, not too strong and not too weak either. Just right on the sweet spot.

Tokyo December 2009

Record Tower Shibuya, Tokyo December 2009

The man with the golden Leica

On bullet train to Tokyo from Kyoto, 4th December 2009

For this one though, I did some color tweaking. 4th December 2009 near JR minami-senju

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