Happy Lunar New year 2010! The year of the tiger!

Tiger tiger burning bright~ in the darkness of the night.....

I’ll be heading back to home town for Chinese New Year.

To all my Chinese friends, Gong xi fa chai! (Ang pow gia lai! XD hahaahahahaha- its a common Chinese joke that is usually attached to the end of the usual CNY greeting which means, “Hand over the red packets!” which incidentally seems to rhymes nicely with the greeting).

A tsundere styled Valentine's day! How I dream of such a thing!~~~~~

This year’s CNY is rather unique since it also falls on Valentine’s day. Incidentally, people in Malaysia are being told by not to celebrate it since it’s a western custom and not a  Malaysian custom. Coincidentally, this order was made by (dum roll please!) religious councils (which I will not name here but you can guess which and like the little bitches they are, the council of other religion also sing to this same tune as well to promote harmony among the race in Malaysia!!)Who fear it might create Happiness and Love!  (Who gives a shit about what they think? We will live the lives we want and not be dictated by people sitting around a bit table)

Yes I know, I haven’t loss my touch of being such a great pessimist. So enjoy everyone!

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