Once again. One day…….

One day while the master was out, Rin was playing monsters and sword with Oreo. “Back foul beast! Les you taste the cold steel of my sword!”  She shouted

“Woof!!!!” the beast charged.

“huh? What’s this?” Rin noticed a box that wasn’t there a minute ago.

“Baroo?” Oreo stopped in mid charged

“Okay time out!” Rin shouted as she turned to this box. “Woof woof!(Okay!)” barked Oreo.

“I wonder what is it?” Rin asked. “Woof woof! (More to the question, how did it get here without us knowing?)” Oreo barked although its obvious no one would answer that question.

“Its time to find out what’s in it! Bhwahahahah!” as Rin climbed on top.

“Woof woof! (Err…I think its addressed to the master, shouldn’t we wait for him?)”

“Silence mutt! I give the orders around here and I say we open it! HYAAA!” with that she begun hacking away at the box.

“What a cheap sword! It could barely cut hot cheese!” Rin exclaimed.

“Woof woof! (What do you expect from a plastic sword?)” replied Oreo.

Reaching to open the last box, “Only one more box to go! I rather use my bare hands to open it! It would be faster, you help too Oreo!”.

“Woof woof! (Geez! So much wrapping for a small box, exactly what is it protecting?!)” as Oreo ripped into the last box.

“Oh I know what this is, its the missing armored breastplate for Kosmos-neesan!” smiled Rin.

“That’s a rather big bra for a figure.” said Oreo.

“Hey! you’re suppose to bark and not speak!” Rin barked!

“Oh yeah right. Woof woof (What? why am I even barking when I can speak!). Woof woof (Anyway imagine the size of the breas…)” Oreo whined as Rin smacks him!

“Hey! No fantasizing!”. Rin then called Kosmos to let her know that her missing breastplate was here.

“Oh its here already?” As Kos-mos came out of her room. “Yes! The master paid extra to have them shipped here fast!” as Rin climbed on top of a box to hand it to her.

“Thank you Rin” Kosmos took the breastplate and mounted.

“Now nee-chan won’t look indecent!”

“Woof woof! (That not indecent?!)” barked Oreo.

(Stay tuned, figure review next!)

4 thoughts on “Once again. One day…….

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