Kos-mos 1/4 figure from HobbyFan

At last! The final piece has arrived and Kosmos here is COMPLETE! BWahahahaahahahaahahah! (cue loud thunder clap).

Before I begin this review a note, since this figure us huge standing more than 12 inch, I didn’t have a background big enough to accommodate it. Most of my figures at most are in the 1/6 range and below but with this one, I’m afraid you may notice some out of background included in the photos unless I keep mostly to the close up shoots.

Before then here are the links to the previous post related to this figure.

1. Arrival

2. Final piece

Though a few notes about this figure you should be aware of if you plan to buy one.

1. Because of it size, it can topple easily if you’re not careful

2. Also it can’t fit in a regular detolf display cabinet section unless you merge 2 cabinet section together like I did.

3. Pay extra for EMS shipping. A lot safer and decrease the likehood of this piece getting damage beyond repair.

Anyway let’s get down to the figure review! I have to say, this has to be the best figure I bought yet! The quality of the paint job for the Hobby Fan version is very well done! Here we have Kos-mos walking what appears to be steps while holding her famous tri-gatling gun.

First a close up shot of the body and face. They gloss work is absolutely gorgeous!

You can see the eyes and lips here are well done giving that nice glossy finish. She actually has 2 headpieces with the default one shown here while the other ones covers her right eye (not shown at all).

The flesh tone on this figure is very well done and close to life-like.

The detailing work on this figure is incredible as seen here from the panty hose. Also while doing this figure review, I've just noticed, why does it seem like Kos-mos is not wearing panties? @_@ (dies from nosebleed).

I want to meet the person who painted this!

Now as always, the complimentary ass shot.

So where do I put her? In my detolf display cabinet where else? The only problem here as I mentioned before is that you need to merge 2 sections of out of the total 4 in order to make room for her as she is just a bit over the (quite a bit actually) size of single section in a detolf.

Yes. I can hear people clamoring for shots without her breastplates. So if you really want those. Click for them below….

1. Without the breastplates Here. As you can see from that shot, the nipple are very well detailed when compared to the E2046 version which has some sort of door latch? I’m not trying to insult that version as the reasoning behind it is because since she is a machine (a gynoid to be precious) she naturally would have access panels all over her body.

2. Here is another one…..here . I’ve always wondered in the Xenosaga game, how come Shion never asked Kevin (the creator of Kosmos in the game) why does she look like a lingerie model if she was meant to fight alien monster with state of the art weaponry? ¬_¬;;;;

21 thoughts on “Kos-mos 1/4 figure from HobbyFan

  1. Really impressive at any points : hight, paint job, finishing. A palatial figure!
    The fact you place her in Detolf is reassuring, even if she take a lot of room…. A masterpiece like that, would be a shame to damage it.

  2. If you didn’t pay our lovely KASTAM to retrieve this figure then can you please answer my next question.
    Did you have it post using US Priority International mail?

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  4. lol actually she looks like a lingerie model because that old man and his assistant worked on her hence the evil laugh they did xD but nice on the figurine, i used this blog with tentacle armada blog to compare the E2046 to hobbyfan and im actually leaning toward hobbyfan bcuz of the bust part xD

      • So there are two versions of this statue? Could you tell me which one is better out of the two and do you have to buy the chest piece separate?

      • Hi, yeah this is the hobby fan version, a US company while the other version is by E2046 which is an Asian company.

        For both version, the chest plates comes as part of the set, for my case it was missing. As for which version is better, I’m not sure. You’ll have to see for yourself, search in google to find pics and then do the comparison then make your own call on which is better.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply. So from what i understand is that the US version doesn’t have the door latches around the boobs and the paint job in my opinion is a lot better. Is this the magnetic version? I heard that there are versions of this statue that have magnets inside of the statue for easy assembly. What site did you buy this from and how much was it?

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