Last night at Kino

Guess what I picked up last night at Kinokuniya ~~~?

The latest edition of Gals Paradise A class special~!  No doubt I’ll be getting some serious request from the guys in Rojak Studio once they find out about this unless of course they’re saving up for the Bangkok motorshow this march hahahaaha.

“Ahem”, anyway it seems there’s been a number of changes at Kinokuniya particularly on how they “censor” magazines and books. Instead of just outright using a black marker to censor out anything resembling nipples, p*nis and V*g**a, they now just stick a piece of white sticker on it which can be removed later after purchase.

Guess they finally listened to the complaints

Anyway, moving on with the photos…..

Risa Kobayashi, I remember her. She was here during Super GT 2009 at Sepang.

Here is a shot of her then in case anyone can't remember.

You'll have to excuse the poor lighting here. I came back late and didn't feel like bringing out the full studio gear just to shoot this. Definitely a magazine to get if you're a fan of race queens XD

Next up is another book I picked up at Kino titled Body Painting. On the cover here is Demi Moore, take a wild guess what's it about. 🙂

The binding is good, the paper is great and the content is wonderful! No nudity, only "implied nudity" I like it.

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