One day….

One day when the master wasn't home yet,Rin was playing adventurer when she stumbled upon a box in the living room.

It was a very big box! The wording on the box made her even more curious, "Hobbyfan".

Moving to the side of the box, she read the words out loud one by one. “Shirley..Fenette… SwimClub-cafe… Ver”. The box showed it would have 12 of them. She elated with delight! She would have 12 new friends at home to play with  when the master wasn’t home. Though it seemed odd since she remembered that the master was not a fan of Code Geass at all. So why would he buy 12 identical figures?

But being the ever spoiled brat that she is, she quickly climb the box with knife in hand to meet her new “friends”. “I’m sure the master won’t mind me opening the box first. I’ll just use my cute puppy dog eyes if he gets mad”, thought Rin as she proceeded to cut the box open.

After much toil and cut, she soon managed to open the box and climbed in.

But what she found instead was lots of stuffing as well as one box packed tightly. She was unable to pull it out. Pondering on this new turn of events, she heard the front door opened and knew the master was home.

As quickly as she could, she leaped off the box and dash to the door to greet master. “Welcome home~~~” in her sweetest voice she called out as the master entered.

“Hello Rin, what have you been doing all day?” Asked the master.

“oh oh, I was playing adventurer all day. I climb the highest mountains, the deepest catacombs as well as the scariest places.” She replied while acting out her adventure.

“And then and then! I came across this big temple! I tried to get into but there are so many traps but then I got bored and went home and found this big box in the living room!” She said.

“Oh? kinda anti-climatic if you  just when home if you didn’t find out what was in the temple.” the master asked.

“Nah, I’ll go back there tomorrow! Anyway there is big box int he living room with the words Hobby Fan on it, did you get 12 new friends for me?” She replied while jumping up and down.

“Hobby Fan? Then she’s here.” said the master.

“She? But I thought there would be 12 of them!” exclaimed Rin.

“Come along now Rin and let’s see this box shall we?” As the master picked her up and went to the living room.

“As I see, so it is her. The new 1/4 Kos-mos figure I ordered from Hobby Fan but is the box already opened?” while already knowing who opened it.

“Oh oh! Who is she?”  while peering into the box again. “Her name is Kos-mos another onessan.” said the master and he pulls the box out of the stuffings.

“But don’t we already have a kos-mos-neesan master?”

“Yes we do. But this one is BIGGER!”

“Oh oh hurry up so I can meet her!”

“Alright, alright Rin. Just let me get to work”.

With that the Master began to unpack the box along with its content. Okay enough story telling mode, its really tough doing such a setup and that’s why I really look up to people who can do such story telling. I just don’t have the patience to do such setup unless I have a very detailed script of it.

Anyway, 2 days ago I finally received my Kos-mos 1/4 figure from Hobby Fan. This is my first resin kit ever and I didn’t expect it to go off perfectly smooth.

I could have bought mine from E2046 but instead opt for Hobby fan due to a number of reports indicating they had better workmanship and QA. I also gave them special instructions to give the figure extra packing material since this was a resin kit and Malaysia post are notorious for damaged packages.

But even after instructing them to add extra padding, one of the armor pieces had broken off during transit. ¬_¬ I was not amused but not surprised either.

Here is the hip armor that broke off. There are 3 options on how I could go about this.

1. Bitch about it on forums and crap.

2. Email hobby fan about this.

3. Fix it and get on with your life.

Option 3 was what I took. Luckily I’m not too scared about doing something this minor, I’ve done many things before on my photographic trips to fix gears on the field that would scare most photographers in Malaysia. A bit super bonding plastic glue would do the trick here.

Lo and behold! After 10 seconds its fixed! Although now the re-sale value for this figure has plummeted significantly but I don’t intend to sell this figure ever.. PERIOD!

A closer up look of the repaired area. Looks pretty good, even if you look at the glue joints, you wouldn’t even know that its been glued backed on.

Next I assembled the head;note here, be very careful with it. The ends of her hair are SHARP! I pricked my finger on one of them!

Next was the tri-gatling gun. Here is Rin checking out the heavy hardware. Note here you need to be VERY careful when mounting this onto Kos-mos as you could potentially scratched the paint work like I did (very minor and its in an angle you couldn’t possible see unless you knew it was there).

I heard that the gatling gun is already mounted on Kos-mos for E2046’s version and I can see why; looking back I can’t seem to find a way in which you can mount the gun without damaging some of the paint work (Or maybe there is but this is my first resin kit so I don’t know any tricks here).

I then proceeded to put on all the little pieces and to my surprise I discovered the breastplates are missing! I carefully checked the box over a few times to see if I missed them but to my displeasure I didn’t find them. I quickly emailed Hobby fan about the problem and they apologized for the problem and they would send the parts to me right away through via 1st class mail at their expense. It would take a few weeks but they said that if I wanted it faster I could pay an additional EMS fees to get faster.

Most people at this point would bitch that it was their fault that the part didn’t get shipped along and they should pay for the EMS fees as well but it was only a few dollars, why go through the agony for a few dollars? So I told them to EMS it since I wanted it here FAST!

So what do I have here for now? A complete Kos-mos 1/4 without her breastplate exposing a boobs which are definitely more detailed than the ones I’ve seen for E2046 (No I won’t post it here on my blog ….not yet, at least until I get the breastplates) with a minor paint scratch on the gatling gun while trying to mount it and also a piece of the hip armor that was glued back on. So it actually went better than I expected. I was actually prepared for the worse case scenario in which the figure arrived broken in half and all the paint job messed up or worse.

I’ll continue this figure review once I get the remaining part from Hobby Fan. So stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “One day….

  1. That’s one huge box. I’ve never ordered a resin figure before mainly because of the cost, but seeing the quality of your Kos-Mos, I might change my mind. Looking forward to more pics 🙂

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  3. Rin is so small nearby Kos-mos box. She had a lot of work to open such a huge box! LooooL
    I’m discovering your blog and i like the way you introduce your arrivals. It’s fun!

    I never ordered on HobbyFan, always from E2046.

    You were unlucky on this pre-painted figure : a broken and a missing part :/

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