Happy new year 2010!

Okay I know this is rather late but I have a good reason! I was too busy recovering from a huge hangover after a new year drinking binge to update my blog. No wait, I’m lying.  The real reason why I haven’t updated was because I was too damn lazy!

So here we are 2010; seeya later 2009! You were fun! But sadly we now must enter a depressive and painful year. I know its not good to be a pessimist but heck I live in Malaysia. I’m born miserable unless you’re born a first class citizen.

Anyway, so what do I have to look forward to this year (even though I expect all types of monkey shit being thrown around)?

1. Super Gt 2010

2. Bon odori 2010

3. Super GT roadshow 2010

4. Reading all my books

5. Scanning all my remaining films

6. Next year 2011

Seriously that’s how boring my life is here in Malaysia. I couldn’t really be bother with anything else here in Malaysia. Unless of course there was a massive book sale at Kinokuniya or another major vacation.

Here are the things I do NOT look forward to this year.

1. Going back to Labuan for Chinese New Year and seeing all my shit ass relatives. Would rather have them massacred like in the Sopranos!

2. Doing my taxes, I rather be shot.

3. Shitty Internet. GIVE ME SPEED! NOT PROMISES!

4. Dealing with GWCs ( Guy with Camera(s); I’m seeing more and more people carrying at least 2 ~3 DSLRs since last year ).

5.  My parents pushing me to get a girlfriend.

6. Dealing with JFBs or JFGs (Jesus Fanboys or Jesus Fangirls). Don’t ask, I seem to attract religious weirdos.

7. Generally dealing with Malaysians I don’t know.

For those wondering, the above image is of Aisaka Taiga from Toradora.

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