Loot from Operation Chiaki…

As promised here is the loot report. You didn’t think after 30 days plus in Japan I wouldn’t have bought anything? Well most of it are just books that can’t be found in Malaysia due to censorship controls or are just plain rare!

Everything was shipped back via EMS at the total cost of 22,300 yen which is about GASP! RM830! Still cheaper than paying the overweight fine at the airport (it would have been about Rm2,000).

Okay let’s get to the detail item list…..

Nikon F6 camera body.


Fantastic film body. I had always thought the Nikon F4 was good but the F6 is better! (note, not all newer products are better in this world).


I spent a good long 3 hours in the shop at Osaka Den-den town thinking about buying this camera. In the end just as I had taken exactly 10 steps out of the shop, I turned back and just bought it without hesitation. I even bought the split prism focusing screen along with it (I figure since I was getting the Nikon F6 I might as well get one along with it while it was still available and not spend ages later looking for one. Note, I still haven’t found one for my Nikon F4). Making this an ideal camera for both manual AIS as well as auto-focus lenses.

For those wondering, this was a second hand product but as I noted before, the Japanese really know how to take care of their stuff. The condition was A and it was selling at half price when compared to a brand new one. The only problem they said was that it had some small scratch on its grip (I still can’t find them and let’s hope I never do….). There is one drawback, the manual is in Japanese, so if you plan to buy stuff like these you better be ready to spend some time online looking for the English manual.

So far this body has performed pretty well. Its basically acts like a Nikon D700 except it’s WAAAAAY lighter, smaller and it uses film. I love the number of options this body has for you to tinker! Though I recommend that you buy one of those small screen protector stickers, cut it into the same shape as the small LCD on the back and use it to protect it as I did.


Young Ace limited edition Figures Asuka and Rei

As I reported early I managed to not only get the Rei Limited edition figure (since it only went on sell with the latest issue of young ace) but also the Asuka figure while in Japan (sold out months ago). I’ll do a thorough figure shoot later once I have sorted through all my stuff. I still have quite a huge backlog and owe everyone a review on the Kotobukiya Asuka figure I had bought before my trip.

Mediacom Real Action heroes Rei Ayanami

I’ll be honest before I left for my vacation, I had canceled a pre-order for the Asuka figure by Mediacom Real Action hero(ines) as I was worried I wouldn’t have enough buffer cash if I had made any unexpected purchases. So I missed out on getting the Asuka figure but lo and behold I found something even rarer.

On my last day in Akihabara, I came across this Rei Mediacom figure in the weirdest place, it was a porn shop. Quickly decided to seize this opportunity and bought it after inspecting to ensure it was the Mediacom Rei figure.

So I may have lost a chance to get the Asuka Mediacom figure but I managed to net a Rei figure. I’m a big fan of Evangelion.

Though I had tried to look for some volks figures but most of them were resin cast types and finding some completed ones were not easy and cheap. Costing pretty much an arm and both your legs.

Anyway, I figure I paid a pretty sum for this Rei figure considering not once  through my search did I ever see it in any of the figure shops I’ve been to in Akihabara. I paid about 14,000 which is about RM532. Odd, that doesn’t seem very expensive, almost the same price when it first came out.













Inside the box. Truly, truly outrageous. I'll have a full review of my first medicom figure up later.




All of these are second hand CDs I picked up at the various Book-off shops and Gamers at Akihabara. Almost new for 1/3 of the original price. Man they really take care of their stuff……

From the left to the right, Chihara Minori (Parade), Nana Mizuki (Great Activity), JAM project (best collection vol.1), Massaki Endoh (Enson 1) and JAM project (Super Robot Wars themes)!



Damn, Japan is really the best place in Asia to get some awesome magazines! Starting from the left till the right, NyanType vol.4, an Anime magzine who's title I can't read, Headphone girls: A pictorial book, Gals Paradise (A class special 2008), Otacool, The girls of FHM 2009, Life 2000-2009, Plus Eighty Ones (nine photographers) and Cat's catalog 2010.


I love the cat’s catalog for all the cute pics of cats in it even though I can’t read a single word of it ^_^.

The headphone girls magazine really attracted my attention it’s given me some ideas for my next planned model shoot.



I don't this need to explain on why I couldn't get them in Malaysia, from the top left, Sport illustrated swimsuit portfolio, Jonvelle mistress (Second hand, 500 yen), Portrait Hiroko Sato (Second hand, 600 yen), Petit Amie Leah Dizon (Second hand, 400 yen), Rie Tanaka and A geisha's Journey (I was pleasantly surprised that there was an English version).





Landscape photobooks and etc


Now we move on to the many landscapes books and etc. From Left top, Tokyo Nobody, Japan a pictorial, Tokyo: a cultural history, Tokyo Underground, Shutting out the sun, Japanscape, The greatest show on Earth (it was Rm60 for a full hardcover version so I decided to buy it)and a Notebook by paperblanks.




So how much does everything here cost? I’ve lost track but I think it comes close to about RM9,000 excluding shipping. Do I regret buying so much stuff? Not one bit and I’m so glad I did.





10 thoughts on “Loot from Operation Chiaki…

  1. nice l00t. ive changed my mind and hopefully will b going in april…and then mayb again later in sept, though im not much of a shopper so probly wont b spending as much…congrats on ure l00t though….glad that everything got back ok

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