Operation Chiaki: Day 33 (The return)

Not Jedi. Just me going back to Malaysia. By the time this is posted, I would be on a plane back to Malaysia. I’ll also be returning to work on Monday. Its been long and swell trip, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Hopefully the next stage of my plans will move along smoothly.

A plan that started 2 years ago, I now have all the material I need. More on that soon…..

Update:Details have been added

Well the ride to Narita airport was okay but the tiresome part was getting to Tokyo station with my bags. Now I know how a donkey feels >_<.

But the worse was yet to come, when I checked it I found out that the airport had a strict 25 kg checked in bag limit. Mine was at 30kgs and they also have a 7 kgs limit carry on bag limit. I was 10 kg.

But it seems lady luck once again decided to bless me, the post office was really nearby, they had literally had an office next to the counter (¬_¬ now that I think about, I think they smelled business opportunity when they realized they could make a killing off passengers like me).

I quickly shipped off most of my overweight stuff via EMS once again and totally used up all my yen (I’m not kidding, the cost of shipping off my stuff was the exact amount I had left! It was rather surreal. I have absolutely no yen left!). Though it’ll only arrive on Tuesday at least. So some of the gifts I have for friends and the office are still not here yet.

The flight back was rather uneventful and so was the ride to my brother’s place (the destination for all my EMS boxes). I spent Sunday just resting. I’ll begin to scan the film stuff in a few days’ time as well as do the loot report this weekend once everything has arrived.

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