Operation Chiaki: Day 26 (Tokyo- Toshimaen)

“Last night sucked.”

I slipped on one of the steep steps in the stairway leading up to my room. Hurt my foot really bad, I could barely walked. So bad that I thought I may have to cancel my plans for the next 2 days to recover.

Fortunately the next day it was much better and the pain was almost gone by noon. So I didn’t cancel my plans today, I quickly made for the Toshimaen train station. Though I was a bit worried I couldn’t find the place but luckily there were a few cosplayer going to Toshimaen for the Japan cosplay festival (This is not the only one, they have quite a number of them every weekend).

So how did I know I was on the right track? Follow the people with the trolley bags. Its a sure sign which I did. Some went with full cosplay outfit already which provides a bigger hint. If you’re not sure just follow them.

Anyway, its an event where cosplayer organizers rent out a location, meet up and have their photos taken in their cosplay outfits. Admission for this event was 1500 yen though if you are using a Digital Single Lens Reflex (AKA the big cameras) then an additional 500 yen would be charged.

An exception to this rule is the small consumer cameras but boy, every cosplayer and photographer I saw there was packing some serious DSLR gear, some of them (18 years old) were using 2 to 3 DSLR at a time making me feel pretty small.

I think the organizers were a bit shock to find that I was a foreigner when I went to sign up. But surprisingly even though both parties lacked any form of fluent communications, we managed to understand each other easily.

A lot of them were really into their cosplay.

Can anyone ID this dragon? I don’t know which anime is he/she from but was dang popular with the kids there that day.

Some though were a bit “unique”. I don’t know whether it was a guy or a girl behind that mask. I’ll assume it was a girl. Its better to think of it that way.

I’ll be honest, I do like to go to an anime convention but I see very little reason to take many photos like I do with my hobby.

I prefer to enjoy the atmosphere as well as watching fans enjoy anime as well as buying anime stuff.

But truth be told I’m predominately a landscape photographer. I only partake in certain types of people related photography such as planned model shoots as well as at most, Super GT (but then not every shot I take will be a success, this year’s Super GT shot was rather poor unlike those of 2008).

That’s why I never worked as a photographer for a wedding, I’m hired instead to be their gear donkey/camel. The pay pathetic but heck, its a nice income on the side.

Not wanting to insult JCF while there wasn’t any bad cosplayers, but there sure wasn’t really any fantastic ones either to ping my attention. I spent most of the time just wondering around looking for any notable cosplayers.

Hence why I didn’t take that many photos today, also the weather really was total crap! It was cloudy and it sucked all the life from day! I hate cloudy days! It totally robs the day of any color!

I think this was the best shot I took. She’s actually one of the organizing staff members. Quite cute, she wears nice pairs of pink rimmed glasses and her hair was braided in a nice long downward ponytail. When I asked her for a photo, she took them off to look like the character she was cosplayer (bonus points to anyone who can tell me which Clannad character she is because I don’t know. >_<).

She actually looked cuter before >_< but I understand if she wanted to be in character, that is the point of this cosplay event.

I soon left at about 1pm as it started to rain >_< how much worse can this day get? Well since I was using a one day pass, I made my way to Shinjuku where I accidentally stumbled into Kinokuniya Japan. They had 7 floors of books just like Shonen and Book-off. Man they really love reading material.

I managed to also find some stuff I know I wouldn’t be able to find in Malaysia so today wasn’t a total waste heheheheh. Total price, 10,000  yen.

3 thoughts on “Operation Chiaki: Day 26 (Tokyo- Toshimaen)

    • yeah, its nice place but its actually an amusement park. As for the girl, this is the only one I managed to ask for a photo. Since all the rest didn’t really attract my attention and were off busy doing their own photography

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