Operation Chiaki: Day 25 (Tokyo)

I’m in Tokyo and what is the first thing I do? After checking in at 2pm, I head down to gamers to pick up the latest issue of Young ace so I could get the figure included with it.

I wanted to get the previous Asuka figureĀ  included in vol.4 as it was kick ass beautiful~! But a last Kino in Malaysia didn’t bring it in leaving me with no way to get it. My search continues for that figure. So not wanting to miss out on a chance to get the Rei figure, I quickly snatched it up along with the latest issue of Nyan-Type as well.


First up the Nyan-Type along with this issues' freebies. Pretty good! I wanted to get the Nanoha one but again I missed that issue. My fault.




This should get the K-on fans up in arms!




So here we have Rei. What am I going to do with the super thick manga? Waste paper, RM20 for a rare rei figure in my book is definitely worth it! I'll post more photos of the figure once I get home to Malaysia.




Though not as nice as the Asuka one in Vol.4, still I am not complaining.


Tomorrow will be Saturday so I’m going to go to a cosplay event at Toshimaen. What will I find? No idea, I’ve never been a fan of cosplay shooting but what the heck, let’s give it a try and find out.


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