Operation Chiaki: Day 24 (Kyoto complete)

Well the last day in Kyoto and what am I doing? Why relaxing, that is the point of a vacation. Just buying books I’ve been eying as well as some items from Bic Camera. Taking it real easy.

So the question that enters my mind, “did I accomplished what I had set out to do in Kyoto?”. The answer is yes, I really enjoyed myself.

Not because I spent all my time visiting places, not because I spent all my time trying all different stuff and definitely not because I spent ever waking moment taking photos but because I spent it doing it without rushing.

One of the key mistakes I made the last time was not really taking in the atmosphere of Kyoto as well as the places I visited. I was constantly always looking for that perfect shot, while fun and all but I never understood what kind of shot to take that really captured the moment in that place.Hence why I don’t really have any photo I’m proud off from the last trip 2 year ago.

Another mistake was assuming that the weather would always be on my side though this time I keep track of the weather for the places I had planned to visit. Nothing is worse than visiting a beautiful with awful weather, just like my Kanazawa visit.

I had thought of going there again to make up for that mistake but I figure that would be rather boring since I’ve seen the place before, something I try to avoid. The only exception to this is Kyoto, the place was definitely worth a second visit. I have no regret.

But now it’s December, I suspect there are still autumn leaf to be found in Tokyo but I feel I’ve taken enough autumn leafs for this vacation (I have 20 rolls of developed film as well as 30 gigabytes so far, I suspect there will be more).

So I’ll be in Tokyo for the final week. What will I do? Probably visit places like Harajuku, Ginza, Shibuya, Akihabara and Jinbocho thoroughly and not just a recon mission.

I’ll still bring along my camera but it will be strictly on “shoot when I see something good” and not just shoot because I can mentality. This new policy has actually been in effect since this whole thing started with a few exception when I need additional material to help illustrate my point.

Also to answer a question I’ve been asked quite a lot since I started this, “so how are the shots?” I’m happy to report I have quite a number of good shots. A lot more than I had anticipated which is good considering my later plans, more about that later.

For now I think I can safely say I’ve done what I had set out to do, anything now is a bonus for me.

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