Operation Chiaki: Day 19, 20,21 (Osaka)

What can I say? The weather though clear for the past 3 days (for only short durations then followed by lots of cloudy skies) I’ve been spending it going to Osaka back and fourth.

So what’s so special about Osaka? Well for one, its considered to be like Tokyo in Western Japan. Also its famous for its rich variety of food so you have lots of things to try! (and so I did!).

I didn’t take any pictures since this part of my vacation is strictly a shopping and food tasting part. My personal opinion that trying to describe the taste of food in writing is not very practical or even possible. So no description about the food here.

The girl you see here is Ayumu Kasuga nicknamed by her friends as “Osaka” because she’s from Osaka though she lacks any of the known stereotypical Osakan traits. She and her friends are from the anime called Azumanga Daioh which I highly recommended to any anime fans

The reason

Why here? I heard about a few shops selling photobooks (not gravure stuff, I can easily find that stuff in Tokyo) and they were right. Managed to find the books I’ve been looking for since I came to Japan.

Bought a few but I had to send them home by International Parcel (EMS), as their combined weight is too heavy for me.

Den-Den Town
Also Osaka is also known for a famous location call “Den-den town”, their version of Akihabara though it has lost some of its appeal with most people now going instead to either Yodobashi in Umeda or BicCamera/ Lab11 in Namba but its still the prefered location for bargain deals for electronics as well as used camera gears. To get there, takeĀ  the Red line subway (There is a name but its easier to remember by their colors instead) to Namba, then change to the Pink line to Nipponbasshi.

If you plan to go to more than 2 location, then its best to get the one day pass for 850 yen with each ride costing on average over 200 yen, you can easily earn back the cost by riding to 4 different locations.

Yes, there is a district call Abeno. You can each there by getting on the purple line subway. Paid a visit and some of the location depicted in the anime are definitely to be found. Sorry no photos here as I didn’t bring my camera for the past 3 days.

Though I did take some photos of Kyoto using my remaining film supply in the morning before heading off to Osaka at noon.

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