Operation Chiaki: Day 17 (Yoshino) and Kyoto at night

So far I believe I've been hiking 8 km per day on average. Yoshino was no exception except that it was a 15 km hike which I decided to pass up and only go 1/3 of the way instead. Though I shot with film for Yoshino.

Yoshino is supposedly the best place to visit during Sakura season in the Kinki region. It offers the best valley view of Sakuras form what I seen. Though it also has an impressive autumn foliage as well, about 30 percent of the Flora consist of autumn maple leaf trees so it’s not to be miss as well but the area is mainly for Sakuras.

Its best to rent  a car if you plan to go there, in terms of distance the absolute best places can only be accessed by car (which is about 15 km away and hence why I decided not to walk that far).

After coming back from Yoshino, I thought of going out at night again to take some photos of Kyoto but the thought of taking those temple night light didn’t really appeal to me. I wanted to try something fun and different for a change, so I just went out and took some night shots of random traffic location just for fun. These will be the only shots for now til those Yoshino shots gets scanned.

The past few nights have not be really cold at all. I managed to go out without my coat and still felt alright.

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