Operation Chiaki: Day 15 (Takao) and Day 16 (Yoshimine-dera)

Day 15 at Takao
No I didn’t go back to mount Takao in Tokyo,  it appears that Kyoto also has it’s own Takao, its actually a mountainous region.  You can basically ride the JR bus all the way to the end of Takao but the real places to visits are the temples as Kozenji.

Unfortunately it was an extremely cloudy day, making any photos I take totally boring! It was so bad, none of the photos I took are worth posting up hence I decided to chuck it up to my second failure since Nikko.

Day 16 at Yoshiminedera
Now this was a diferent story!

The day had been forecast to be raining all day but it was sunny instead! Luckily I had decided before hand to visit Yoshiminedera regardless of the weather.

To get there, you need need to take the JR Kyoto Line to Muka-machi station (take 10 minutes), then take buss #66 which starts at 9am so no need to wake up early at 7am.

The temple is rather out of the way and its not on the regular tourist location listed on the Kyoto map guides so it should be a good opportunity to get some unique photos.

The view was spectacular and the weather was perfect as usual.

It was steep climb up though...

It was as if painter had wave their brush painting all the leafs a perfect bright red!

The whole temple visit was definitely worth it! It took me a while to get this shot since I needed to wait till there was no one in the picture.

I could see the whole of Kyoto from there!

Soon made my way back to Kyoto, it was still sunny then but I was pretty tired and wanted to rest then work on the photos. The temperature today was pretty warm at about 17 Celsius. Found myself sweating during the day. I wish it was colder.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Yoshino and hopefully I’ll have some better shots up then.

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