Operation Chiaki: Day 14 (Kyoto)

"Today was the longest day yet" was my last thought before falling asleep last night.

It all began innocently enough, waking up at 6am, heading out to the Western region at 7am. The weather was cloudy and cold though it was forecast to be sunny.  But since I was up already and here, I tried to make the best of it. Using film and all my old Provia 100F supplies, (I never did like that damn film) I tried to enjoy myself.

Just when I was about to call it a day a miracle happen. The sky cleared up at 12 noon! So deciding to make full use of this opportunity, I took the first bus to Nanzenji temple. Though I failed to realized that today was Thanks giving labor day for the Japanese and was a day off for them! So I was in for a shock ! The crowd was huge!

But the day was fantastic! Clear blue skies!

People everywhere, families spending time together. Though I generally spent my time following the crowd.

Trying to avoid shots with lots of people in them. Its rather distracting.

Baked sweet potatoes. Real good.

Though I quickly left at 3pm since I need to drop off my film gear as well as pickup my tripod from the hotel. I would be heading to Kiyomizudera tonight for their autumn night light show.

Took me 2 hours to get back due to the traffic jam caused by the huge crowds! But managed to get some rest and change my gears. I then took the bus which no one boards that goes straight to Kiyomizu-dera (another reason why I stayed at the hotel I'm staying). The crowd was even bigger here! But was it worth it?

Yes! Damnit it was worth! Please note that this was shot on a tripod with a long exposure time. It was dark so excuse the ghosties you see.

The sky was clear, the moon was out. I didn't know when I would be getting this again! The next few days are forecast to be cloudy at night.

After all that at 9:30pm but the bus was stuck in jam till 10:30pm, went back filed my photos and quickly went to sleep when I thought to myself, “Today was the longest day yet“.

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