Operation Chiaki : Day 4 (Nikko) Photos

Finally have the scans back from Yodobashi though it did cost quite an amount but their workmanship is worth the money.

But being a cheapskate, I’ll scan the rest of them when I’m back in Malaysia. Here are the shots from Nikko, it was raining pretty bad that day so I took a rather unorthodox method to getting my shots.

Instead of going to all the tourist stops, I got off at the stop right before Chuzenji onsen, headed down to the lake area and followed along the river while still maintaining my position near the highway.

As a result I managed to get some really nice shots even though it was raining and misty.

Also an added benefit was that I brought along my Benro tripod that allowed me to take some macro shots.

Some of these need to be reworked in photo shop later.

Never strayed too far from the highway.

Though I did encounter a deer with really big horns. Didn't take the shot because it was too far away and by the time I managed to sneak close by, it ran away.

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