Operation Chiaki: Day 12 (Kyoto)

Well here I am again. This really brings back memories, the long train ride, the hustle and bustle, heck even the smell is great!

Though I had forgotten that check in time is 3pm and not 1pm. With that much time to kill, I left all my luggage and just took my D700 and 50mm f/1.8 to the Toji temple where I was informed that they were having their monthly (only on the 21st of each month) flea market there.

Lots of people.

With some stall selling some of the most interesting items.

To the average stuff....

To the weirdest stuff!! But I found some stalls were basically selling worthless junk.

Though it was rather strange, the whole place felt smaller and not as intimidating. On a stranger note, I found that Bic camera has a huge shopping complex on the north side of the Kyoto Central station. It’s almost as big as Yodobashi in Akihabara.

I’ll post more photos tomorrow. Right now I’m real tired.

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