Operation Chiaki: Day 8 and 9(mount Takao)

Day 8:
Was just wondering around again in Shinjuku to check out that Nikkor AIS 105mm f/1.8 lens! Pretty sweet deal and the condition is pretty good! It was raining the whole day though, don’t have any photos to show for today.

Day 9:
As forecast, the weather is fantastic today! Sunny sunshine all the way! Today I went out using my Nikon F4 so no photos for now till I’ve have them developed and scanned. I managed to shoot 4 full rolls of film today. Pity that there wasn’t enough daylight time for more shooting (It gets dark at around 5pm here).

Anyway, mt. Takao is at the end of the Local Keio local line at Shinjuku. It’s roughly an hour’s train ride. Today’s temp was at 12 Celsius or so though it was lower at mnt. Takao.

For those going there, here are some helpful pointers. As many websites have indicated that you should take trail #6 for the scenic route, well don’t! It’s totally devoid of anything scenic since it’s lodge between to hills so its more of a ravine of boredness.  A better route would be the Inariyama trail while steep but offer a better view of the landscape.

Trail #1 while popular and has many tourist spots to visit but the stairs leading up can be incredibly steep and there tends to be a lot of people even on week days.

Another important note, they have a policy in which no garbage be left on the mountain, so if you bring it up, you’re the one to bring it down as well since there’s no garbage cans or recycle bins. So with that, pack your food and water in light weight containers!

The autumn colors were fantastic at the top of mnt. Takao though the lowlands feels as if the autumn season hasn’t fully begun yet. I suspect it would be a good time to visit it say in another 2 weeks or so for Autumn leaves. By then the colors would have changed even for the surrounding area.

So after feeling pretty good getting some great shots, I decided to buy that Nikkor 105mm f/1.8  from Map camera but the copy I wanted (condition and price) had been sold off! DAMN! The only copy left was in poor condition and was not that much cheaper! So curse my luck! Should have bought it yesterday!

Well with that gone, returning to the hotel was the only thing left to do. Tomorrow’s forecast shows bloody rain again, will visit Jimbocho tomorrow and check out those photobooks!

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