Operation Chiaki: Day 6 (Kofu) and 7 (Tokyo)

Yesterday was a fantastic day! As a result today’s planned journey to Nikko was scrapped in order to fully recover for Wednesday’s journey to Mount Takao.

The started off wonderful with lots of good weather as you can see it was clear sky during that morning.

Definitely no regret bringing my notebook with me this time, providing me access to all my usual online resources especially weather forecasting. This has allowed me to adjust my adjust my plans accordingly.

No amount of planning will mean anything if you don’t make sure that the weather is in your favor. This I learned the hard way back in 2007 during the trip to Kanazawa. I also learned to allow a greater number of days to visit certain places instead of just one day.

The train ride took about an hour to get there and then another 30 minutes bus ride to the base of the hike at Shosenkyo-guchi. Be warned, the maps provided by the bus station have very little in way of English information for those unable to read Japanese

The Gear
For this hike, bring the lightest about of gear possible (it’s a 5~6 km hike).

  • Nikon D700
  • Nikkor 17-35mm
  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Tamron SP90
  • Batts, and etc

Day 6: Kofu

Words are unable to describe my feeling that day. It was all I had hoped for and more!

Everywhere I turned, all shades of autumn were present. Red and yellow all around. Also DO NOT SHOOT AUTUMN leaves when there is no source of light presents. It feels rather dead without it and please remember to mount your polarizer filter, it'll do wonders to further enhance the colors.

Bring a tripod, light one if possible. Glad I bought that Benro-168!

Unfortunately, tragedy struck! My neck strap came undone and the camera dropped to the ground. The body has a minor scratch and the lens is okay but the polarizer now had a large crack making it useless. I had mounted it over my UV filter and then mounted them both on the lens. The UV filter is alright but because the metal thread on the polarizer had been dented inward, it was not possible to remove it (majorly stucked). So I had to remove the UV filter thus losing UV filter as well.

Frankly I’m glad I had mounted them both onto the lens else it would have been the front element that would have been cracked. I continued the hike up without a UV filter on my lens and instead relied on the lens cap to protect the front element when I’m not using the camera.

From here on I had to relay on dropping the ISO down to 50 and opening up the lens to f/2.8 in order to get any serious colors since the Polarizer was now gone.

The line at the end of the trail. With another one waiting for the cable car going up to Shosenkyo Ropeway...

Mount Fuji-san~~~! That is what I keep hearing everyone call it

The sun was pretty high up and the view was great. But had forgotten to bring my ND4 filter! DAMN! So I decided the next best thing, HDR. Setting up my tripod I shot this.

another HDR shot. Never found much appeal to doing HDR shots, I rather prefer to use ND4 filters. Easier on me and my computer. Also it always feels very fake to me.

With that I went back down and made my way back to Tokyo feeling wonderful but incredibly exhausted!

Day 7: Tokyo

I had planned to go to Nikko since I still have the All Nikko pass till the 16th but tiredness caught up with me and I needed to buy a new UV filter along with a Polarizer (Cost me 10,000 Yen = Rm380!).

Paid Yodobashi another visit (as well as RM380) and then decided to make a spur on the moment visit to Shinjuku and to the many camera shops there such as Map camera. Map camera is like a porn shop for camera enthusiast! They had 5 floors of goodness and gear! I’ll definitely have to pay this place another visit on my final week to see if I can find any good deals!

I also spotted a 105mm f/1.8 at KiteCamera! For about Rm1089. I’m always looking for such bizarre lenses :P.

Weather forecast for tomorrow shows rain and boredem, I’ll buy my Takao tickets once I have confirmed the weather to be in my favor.

4 thoughts on “Operation Chiaki: Day 6 (Kofu) and 7 (Tokyo)

  1. hai….for some strange reason uv filters dont seem as glamorous as polarizers though i did just get a uv filter for my 7d and cost me 70aud…and that was the cheaper of the 2

  2. well after using my lens without one for the first time I agree as well. UV filters seem to do nothing, but I’m glad it was there else the lens would have been damage.

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