Operation Chiaki: Day 4

Now I know why the Japanese love to take really hot baths at the end of the day. It really helps to soothe your mind and body. I had one hell of a rough day getting to Nikko and the trip was really not worth it. It was cloudy the whole day with occasional drizzle making photography rather hard.

First off, all the autumn leaves in the mountain above Chousen-onsen are totally gone! Also the weather was so bad that anything above that point was literally shrouded in mist. It was like being at Silent Hill minus the fear. Realizing that any high altitude shooting was not possible, I move my shooting location a little downward near the river before Chouse-onsen. But shooting opportunities were far and few, managing to only shoot off 2 rolls of film. I’ll be having them developed tomorrow since the bad weather is going to be like this till Sunday. I’ll visit Nikko again next Monday.

Which brings me to another matter, I had mistakenly said that the All Nikko pass only allowed one travel to Nikko and back ONCE only, this is INCORRECT! You can travel back and fourth between Nikko and Asakusa for 4 days and ride buses for free! So this ticket is a steal!  My final day will be the 16th which is next Monday.

I’ll try to upload my developed photos tomorrow but if I remember, they will need one day to developed and have them scanned in, I prefer to let them do it as their service and quality is top-notch!

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