Operation Chiaki:Day 1 and 2

The flight
“Bless the lady working at the check in counter!”

That’s all I can say after landing at Narita. I checked in last night and asked for a seat up front so I would have more leg room. She informed me that all the seats at the front had already been taken but she managed to put me into a seat that would be great for sleeping.

At first I didn’t know but she had booked me into the best seat without so much as paying for first class! A little background first, I hate flights more than 3 hours, the constant sound of the engine and the lousy seat makes it impossible to sleep at all. So I dread flights like these.

After boarding, I discovered what she had meant; she had book me in the middle row (5 seats) and only 2 seats were occupied! The other guy was on the other aisle seat, I managed to turn the other seats into a makeshift bed!

So after kicking back and watching “UP” (I love movies by Pixar!), I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep. Sure there was still the engine noise but now that I had a “bed” to sleep on. The other guy had already dozed off sleeping in his seat. Though it was only 2 hours of sleep but dang I felt a lot better than I had expected.

To Tokyo!
Took the the Keisei morning liner at 8:37 am (1400 yen), the ride was relaxing and nice but what I really wanted was to ride the Keisei Limited express similar to the last time. But a last I forgot to mention to the lady what train I wanted and got a ticket for the morning liner instead, its not a bad train ride and its faster. Though I did dozed off for 30 minutes without realizing it.

I tried to avoid taking the stairs due to my heavy trolley bag but not all elevators lead to where you wanted to be til I just gave up and took the stairs.

The weather was not being friendly today, it was raining since I landed and its still raining right now as I type this.

Getting to the hotel was a pain in the ass, even after buying an umbrella I still got wet! Aizuya Inn is my base of operation this time for Tokyo.I did tried to book the new central hotel but they never did replied any of my emails asking them for reservation.So alternative arrangements were made then.

This is slow?!
When I checked in, I was informed that while they provided free Internet service but the speed was not fast.

I’ll be the judge of that! When I connected to upload some of my photos, I could upload 30 megabytes of data in 15 seconds………

It usually takes over a bloody hour with streamyx! Now that is what I call fast but then Malaysia is in the 48th position of Internet service for Asia while Japan is like the top 5? (I was informed of this by my sister)

My room I was informed was not ready but they had prepared another room for me though I would need to move tomorrow morning again. Here is the shot of my current room, I'll show another tomorrow if the new room is any different.

The view from my window, a lot better than what I had last time.

I really didn’t go out much after that because of the rain and I was tired.  Luckily I don’t have to travel far for food since there’s a supermarket nearby

Anyway, that concludes Day 1 and 2 of this vacation. More updates after tomorrow. I’ll be going to Akihabara for some gear (bullshit, you’re only going there for one reason! :P)

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