Operation Chiaki

No use putting it off any further. I’ll be going on another long vacation since 2007. Once again I’ll be going to Japan for a second time.

Some may wonder why Japan was my choice for a long vacation again. Well a number of other locations were considered but there was that nagging feeling.


At the start of the year I decided to take a vacation during November and visit a country which has autumn. I then remembered I promised myself way back then I would come back here if I still wanted to on my next vacation; and I so still wanted to go there. So I began to draw up the plans for this year’s vacation and decided to really enjoy and hopefully still have a job after I come back.


  • To see the beautiful autumn foliage and not be in such a rush. Rushing really saps me and diminishes the experience so this time the duration will be 1 month.
  • To really improve my photography skills and come back with shots I can be proud of displaying.
  • To see where it will take me.

Things I learned from before.

  • Keep your gear light and simple. No more lugging around 8 kgs of gear. Keep it to 3 kgs or less.
  • Stop and try out. Don’t be just an observer. Make an effort to interact with my surrounding rather than being a spectator.
  • Bring  my own notebook (computer and paper version). Processing and uploading is much easier and you can update on your vacation.
  • Get a good map book. Best way to find your way about.
  • Beware of the deers. XD hahahaahah

Thoughts and expectation

Remembering from previous experience, I really didn’t make full use of the opportunity. The thought of “I think I could have done better if I had so and so” was still hindering my mind. What should have been going through my mind then was “what I need to do with this gear to get the shot is…” mentality.

Though this time it will really be autumn and not just a month before it. So the chances of getting some great autumn foliage will be significantly higher and I am well prepared to go the extra mile.

My first week will be base in Tokyo and visiting the nearby areas followed by another 2 weeks based in Kyoto and my final week totally devoted to Tokyo (which by then would be December) to experience life there.

There is another reason why such a long vacation but I’ll reveal that later if I get the shots.

Also I won’t be using the minute by minute style of posting my entries. That method was rather tiresome and crappy photos would also get posted along with any good ones taken then.


I won’t be visiting any previous location with the exception of Kyoto and Tokyo (They are my base of operations). All the locations I will be seeing this time around will be totally new.

But why Kyoto again? I could have gone to Osaka or even Kobe, for me the best Autumn location is still Kyoto and I aims to make go there when its at the peak. Although its also when all the school trip will be visiting there as well so I’ll have a bit of trouble.

As for Tokyo, I really want to explore it properly and not just spend it in Akihabara but then I wouldn’t mind spending a week just there as well mind you.

Camera gear

It wouldn’t be complete if a section for the photography plan wasn’t dedicated to the camera gear now wouldn’t it?

For this time it’s:

  1. Nikon D700/Nikon F4
  2. Nikkor 17-35 f/2.8
  3. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
  4. Tamron SP90
  5. Lightweight tripod. Take a guess which one

I’m leaving the Sigma behind since it was barely used the last time and its 1.35kgs I can do without.  I’ll also be leaving behind the heavy backpack and instead opt for a light way waist pouch.

What is with the name?
Well the last one was called Aki which means autumn, while Chiaki also has the word Aki in it. So it’s a progression of the original name.


There’ll only be a few updates to this website since I’ll be spending most of my time on the field so do expect delays. Seeya!

5 thoughts on “Operation Chiaki

  1. kool man…wish i was going as well. but my jp trip is 4 sept nxt yr.

    Enjoy man…post more pics specially of the japanese women…”sumimasen, shahshin ii desu ka”

    btw…ordered a canon7d

    • That’s an even better time to go! all the anime events as well as Sakura! I’m only going now because there was a good offer for plane tickets for this year only though.

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