Joannabelle Ng Li Vun

Today’s photo session was once again brought to you by Rog! A model session he setup last weekend.

Initially I had my doubt about joining this model shoot as it seemed that all my model shoots were not yielding any good shots at all or rather they felt sub-par to what I could have achieved.

This lead to a severe lack of enthusiasm. Which is why I find it incredible that some people can easily pull themselves out of their slump on a moment’s notice even when there is no motivation to do so. Examples of such people are those that undertake great wedding photography. (Except for Labuan wedding photography where creative skills are not required as evident from the fact that they suck and have no competition to contend with at all.)

Anyway, today’s model shoot was of Miss Joannabelle Ng who was great to work with! A full time model which made directly here on poses rather easy as she was aware of what was her strongest traits and angles. Having a great personality as well but then I haven’t met one without one either.  Let’s hope I never do!

The location was at the Heritage Hotel in downtown KL and the makeup artist was Lim Berry.

Initially I had some problems on how I proceed for this model shoot so I was pretty much stumbling for 2 hours till I managed to get my footing. After that it was rather enjoyable. Luckily we had managed to obtained permission to access anywhere to shoot photos thanks to Roger’s connection with the hotel.

Although there was some initially delay which by the time was resolve, the sun was way up in the sky and shooting outside would be rather difficult and the shadow would be incredible harsh unless I use flash (I never like to use flash unless I have control over the pacing of the shoot which I didn’t), so I actually waited for the shoot to proceed till we could bring the shooting in doors where the light was much more manageable and softer.

The white balance for this shot was actually spot on but I felt it was rather flat so I made it a bit warmer. I also tried some ideas I picked up from a few of my photo books I have.

Same shot but different play off it.

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