Good Smile Company – Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily 1/7 Scale PVC Figure

Today’s latest figure it none other than Saber Lily by GSC who no doubt are currently rolling in dough from the skyrocket demand for their latest production which has drawn huge otakus to gladly empty their wallets or bank accounts.

No other figure has drawn such huge demand since Ryogi Shiki 1/7 also by GSC. GSC is really raking in the money this year!

And with good reason to, as I was also one of the few people who placed a pre-order for her the minute she was up for pre-ordering since January 2009!

I think its been stated everywhere else on the Internet on how beautiful and detailed this figure is so I’ll leave that part out.

Instead I’ll focus on another strange fiasco that surrounds this figure. You see this figure was is so much demand that China piraters started to make pirate copies of this figure even before it was released with astounding accuracy in terms of the limited shots of it found on the Internet. So prevalent was this problem that GSC released a guide on their website to help buyer tell whether the Saber lily they were buying was genuine or not!

I’ll have to admit, I was also taken back when I saw the pirate copies of this figure on the market a few months back and almost bought it on impulse! But luckily my gut feeling told me that it was too good to be true as the price was only Rm200, cheap when compared to the original BUT there were a number of problems on the figure that made me thought twice such as the poor paint job as well as the creepy head on it along with the crap box work. Luckily I stuck to buying the original one instead, as it’s truly is a work of art!

2 thoughts on “Good Smile Company – Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily 1/7 Scale PVC Figure

  1. Saber is one of the best 2009 figure. This version is dynamanic and the face expression dangerous. They are somes details on her clothes. Your shooting is great, thank you for these picture

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