Day 11, 12: The return to Tokyo and the journey home!

20th, 21th October 2007:

The morning was clear and sunny….where the hell were you yesterday? So with everything packed up, I checked out and made my way to the Kyoto central train station. My quest was on it’s last leg.

The train ride would take about 3~4 hours. It was rather enchanting to see daylight piercing through the clouds. I felt a sense of great sadness knowing that my vacation was coming to an end.

But that’s was no reason not to buy some food before I departed ^_^. 3 Onigiri and coffee.

along with a really hot curry bun which I found out the hard way >_<;;

and my favorite so far, salami sticks!

After I arrived in Tokyo, I quickly made my way to the new central hotel at Kanda to check in, to my surprise the receptionist passed a packaged to me from CC! It appears it was something he got during his shopping spree and knew I would appreciate it more 😀 sly guy! (I’m not going to tell you what it is, that’s my secret ^_^) hahahahaahhaahaha.

But time was a wasting, after I left my stuff at the hotel, I quickly made my way to akihabara to buy up the remaining sutff I wanted to bring home for friends and family and some items I had been eying since I first came to Japan 🙂 .

But that didn’t stop me from taking some shots as I finally overcame my total fear of no camera bullshit!

Some of the hot chicks at Akihabara!

I was literally running since I got to Tokyo. Buying up books, magazines and that Canon scanner as well as some film supplies.

Ah yes, the wonderful joys of Akihabara. It was a Saturday and there would be lot events going on but I didn’t have enough time to go.

Rushing back and fourth to the hotel, I finally decided to leave my gear at the hotel as it was slowing me down.

Soon the stress of hauling so much stuff took its toll on me as I couldn’t go on, so with a heavy heart and body I went back to the hotel after buying my Narita express ticket (my JR pass had finally ran out).

But I still had some serious packing to do as I knew Malaysia customs were rather fickle-minded about what is allowed and what isn’t (unless of course a bribe was applied), so I packed my bag using a famous technique I learned from Nicholas Cage in the movie “Lords of Wars”. Which is to wrap all the stuff you want to sneak in such as manga and figures using a plastic bag then place on top of them with the smelliest and dirtiest clothes you have. The smell of unwashed clothes will keep them away. You know what? It worked. They only opened my bag but didn’t dare shift through my clothes. Maybe because the smell of a week old sock keep them away? Who knows ? *grin*

The next morning I got and made my way to the Tokyo central station where I then waited for the Narita express (my flight was 11am so I needed to be there my 8:30am).

Looks can be deceiving but that is a hell of a lot of stuff packed into a very small space. I had heard from CC later that he had bought even more stuff than I did! over 30Kgs! He had shipped them home so he wouldn’t have to carry them! That was actually a better idea! An idea I hope to emulate in future vacations to lighten my load as I was restricted to only 20 kgs of wait! Which is what all my stuff had border line on!

This was also why I didn’t buy them the first time when I arrived as I would have needed to haul the stuff around to Kyoto making my life a living hell!

Something for the road home.

Check in was rather smooth with all the counters operating.

I turned to look out at the clear blue sky and wondered to myself, would this be the last time I get to go on such a vacation? I certainly hope not. I had definitely learned a lot from this trip as well as seen a lot. It was an incredible way to relax. Though for CC it was still going as he told me he didn’t go back at the same time as I did as he had more plans. The cheek! ^_^

And so as I boarded onto the plane I can only think of the great time I had and hope maybe, just maybe I’ll get another chance to come back again. But right now, I had more pressing matter to attend to namely my income situation back in Malaysia.

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