Spotted recently at Wonder festival 2009 in Japan

A 1/4 Kos-mos resin kit figure volks which measures to about 40~50 cm judging from reports.

Ah yes! My ever lovely Kos-mos! Said to be the most beautiful physical manifestation yet ever to be made! Volks has truly outdone themselves with their pieces.

The price for this baby? Let’s see, reports put it at 50,000 YEN which about USD $500 or RM1700 ringgit unpainted and unassembled. Yes folks this darling comes to you completely bare-naked, no paint job and requires assembly!

So why would people pay for this? Its hard to say, there are many reason why they would do it but I think two word comes to mind because they are bloody crazy and it is this die hard fandom that western companies are now trying to tap into (especially their wallets) but so far have failed miserably as they cannot seem to grasp the concept of making quality stuff (what is this concept of making good quality products? China doesn’t do it, so why should I? Said the US product manager).

Anyway, what do I care what they think? We’re here to only talk about Kos-mos!

Here we have the actual unpainted but assembled figure shown on display at wonfes recently, you can very well see that she is indeed a large figure (1/4) at about 3.7 kgs.

Here we have a prototype model

And here is the finished type with the blue transparent hair.

Here is a closer up shot

And here is the close up shot after painting……….omg its beautiful! The man who painted this is to be commended on a job well done!

An even closer up shot of the prototype.

Those lips! They are saying “BUY ME!”

Here is a shot of the rear profile for the painted version.

Well there you have it, one of the most talked about resin kit recently.  The people at volks know how to really make ’em! But sadly, its true beauty will only be brought out if painted perfectly otherwise its no better than a lump of expensive plastic! For those of you who have already booked a copy of her, I salute you ! As for me, I’ll just spend my time dreaming about it! She’s just way too expensive for me!

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